Almond Cashew & Millet Cookies (GlutenFree) Almond Cashew & Millet Cookies (GlutenFree) 0GM ₹200.00
Bajra Methi Khakhra Bajra Methi Khakhra 180GM ₹125.00
Banana Delight Banana Delight 150GM ₹300.00
Millet Lavash ( gluten free ) Millet Lavash ( gluten free ) 150GM ₹250.00
Millet Pizza Base Millet Pizza Base 200GM ₹200.00
Ragi & Oats Cookies Vegan ( coconut oil) Ragi & Oats Cookies Vegan ( coconut oil) 0GM ₹150.00
Red Rice Chivda (Gluten free) Red Rice Chivda (Gluten free) 250GM ₹150.00
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Best Online Health Food Store

Millet Amma is the best online health food store that promises everything that you need for a healthy diet. For those who want to eat healthy, it is incredibly necessary to start consuming organic food, because it eliminates harmful additives from your diet.

Non-organic foods tend to be loaded with pesticides and we don't want that for our customers, which is why we promote our healthy organic foods.

Healthy Foods Online Store

To sustain a balanced body, we all need a combination of protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins, fibre and minerals in our diet.

Now you can get organic food products containing all these nutritional values from Millet Amma, the healthy food online store. Start your healthy diet now and rest assured that your body will get all the nutritions.

Buy Healthy Foods Online At Best Price in Bangalore

Wondering how to eat healthy organic food while keeping your expenses in check?

We, at Millet Amma, provide you with easy and affordable organic food to have a balanced diet. All the products come at fair prices which makes it easy to buy healthy foods online.

Healthy Food Suppliers

Maintaining a healthy diet would not only make you feel active and more comfortable, but you will also have the energy to enjoy life.

Finding healthy organic food might seem a little overwhelming, but we at Millet Amma, aim to become your one stop solution for all your daily dietary requirements.. It is now easier than ever for people to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. As healthy food suppliers, we bring to you the finest organic foods that nature has to offer.

If you’re trying to buy healthy food online, we’ve got you covered!

Popular Healthy Organic Food

Eating a healthy diet is not about strict food restrictions, remaining unrealistically thin and depriving yourself of the food you love. It's about feeling great, getting more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood.

Choose from a variety of healthy organic food and experience the best of both worlds - balanced nutrition and great taste.

Some of the Millet Amma’s Healthy Organic Food