Barnyard grain unpolished Barnyard grain unpolished 500GM ₹90.00
Foxtail grain unpolished Foxtail grain unpolished 500GM ₹90.00
Kodo grain unpolished Kodo grain unpolished 500GM ₹90.00
Little Millet grain unpolished Little Millet grain unpolished 500GM ₹90.00
Proso grain unpolished Proso grain unpolished 500GM ₹90.00
Ragi grain unpolished Ragi grain unpolished 500GM ₹50.00
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Natural Organic Products

The high content of fibre, vitamins and minerals in whole grains, makes them more nutritious. Usually, such grains go through a chemical refining process, which removes the useful nutrients and leaves behind excess carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates without any natural fibre, makes it bad for digestion. Hence, it is not nutritionally balanced.

But, Millet Amma is committed to serving you with natural and organic products. We make sure all grains are unpolished and organic with their natural health benefits intact. From pulses to spices and from grains to dals, we have all kinds of organic food staples for your kitchen.

Unpolished Wholegrain & Benefits

Unpolished grains are the closest to what we call organic or natural products. Being a storehouse of all the significant nutrients, whole grains add to our daily diet. Therefore, their natural wholeness including high amounts of fibre, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins continue to be the integral part of our meals.

Here are a few reasons why you should consume unpolished grains

Full Fibre- Unpolished grains have high content of natural fibre which helps detox the body, reducing cancer risks and works in better digestion too.

More Minerals- Few grains like rice, wheat and other pulses are very rich in minerals which may be lost if polished. Therefore, using their organic and natural version ensures proper mineral content, especially manganese that helps in synthesizing fats. These minerals also fight against cancer cells and heart ailments.

Adequate Antioxidants- The right amount of antioxidants present in unpolished or raw form of the whole grains is capable of reducing cell damage, by regenerating them.

Natural Oil- Since the unpolished grains don't undergo any chemical treatment, they contain a good amount of naturally occurring oils that help in controlling the cholesterol levels.

Reasons why you should not eat polished grains

  • Polished grains lose the most of their nutrients and hence they are hardly considered as a balanced food
  • As all the nutritive elements are removed in the refining process, the high amount of left starch and carbohydrate affects the health.
  • With no fibre content, polished grains are bad for the digestive system.

Now, when you have weighed the importance of natural organic products why not switch to unpolished cereals and grains for good? Choose unpolished organic cereals and all the staples that you would need for your kitchen, and begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Browse through our range of unpolished organic grains, pulses, dal, spices, oil etc. to explore more.