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Ruchika Bhuwalka's

kitchen to the world

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Our Story

How it all started?
Incorporated 2 years ago, Millet Amma has come a long way since its inception. From a small store to a brand, we have always aimed at providing fresh and homely food.
The Turning Point
Ruchika was eager to do something new and unique. That was the time when she decided 'why not promote healthy living in the society by bringing back the old traditional taste.'
Ruchika's Initiative
Ruchika researched about cereals/grains which is equally nutritious as wheat and rice. Fortuitously, she came across an article which mentioned that adding millets to your diet can really improve one’s health and quality of life. She started off cooking millet dishes at home.
Healthy Year Begins
She began with Barnyard millet and initially, the list would contain products like Mukhwas, curd dips and Moringa Chutney.The millet recipes were so wonderfully prepared that no one could make out the difference. Friends and family liked it and within a span of time, she gathered a lot of compliments and praises.
Ruchika, the lady behind Millet Amma
Right from Ruchika Bhuwalka’s kitchen to the dining tables of countless families, Millet Amma brings people together with its flavourful and delicious dishes made with traditional and healthy ingredients.
Making Healthy Food Delicious
All these organic and healthy products emerged in the market as Millet Amma’s creation; natural and basic. It established itself not just as a name but also as a brand which took a step forward to inform people how food can be both delicious and healthy at the same time.

Revive the old traditions with nutrition & flavour to make a healthy difference in everyone’s life


Our Natural Process

Straight from the Farms

We bring the best for you straight from the roots. 100% Natural & Organic!

Freshness of Green

To enhance the prime colour of nature. Pure & Fresh!

Protected Against External Exposure

The process is highly preserved against any kind of external or human contact. No Hands, only Machine!

No Added Preservatives

No added chemicals or preservatives to keep the basic quality alive. Say 'No' to processed food!

Organic & Natural Products

Healthy choice with numerous benefits. No Chemicals, Only Organic!

Eco-friendly Packaging

We prefer environment friendly packaging materials to promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity.Making a difference!